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Our Associates are our most valued resources. Teaching, Training and Developing Associates is key to the success of The Home Depot. Providing our Associates with the information to assist our Customers will improve our ability to give help our Customers with all their project needs.

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During the months leading into the peak season for the stores, we begin our hiring and training of new associates. One main goal we teach is to sell the whole project to the customer. Unfortunately many new associates do not know what secondary items are needed for completing projects that should be recommended to our customers. This can cause customer frustration, i.e. stopping project to return to store for forgotten items, and loss sales opportunity that could increase our average ticket size, which also increases Success Sharing for our Associates.


My goal is to design a way to give our Associates the knowledge and ability to offer our customers the products they might need to complete the project they are working on.


I began by conducting interviews with Associates with less than one year at the store and that have gone through a peak season at the stores.


  • What could you offer a customer to complete a Paint Project?

  • What could you offer a customer to complete a Deck Project?

  • What could you offer an Electrical Professional when they are purchasing outlets?

Based on my findings:

  • Associates could only name 1-2 items that they could offer a customer for any of the above projects.

  • Many Associates would follow up my question with "Why would the customer need that" or "What would the customer use that item for" after I suggested other products to offer the customer.

    • Add a feature that would give an explanation of common uses for the product​

  • Associates were unaware of the impact that increasing the average sales ticket could have on their Success Sharing.

Bullet Point List:

  • By adding a bullet point list under the product, Associates are able to gain key information for product usage.

  • This information can help the associate recommend the correct product for the customer's project.

Project Add-Ons:

  • By adding the Project Add-Ons feature, Associates can easily offer the customer products that the customer might need to complete their project. 

  • Offering the correct add-ons will increase customer satisfaction and LTSA scores

  • Offering the correct add-ons can potentially increase the average sales ticket and Success Sharing for our Associates.


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In Progress

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